1. RIP. Result of growing quads due to squats and daily penny boarding.

  2. Brands that’ll last a lifetime.

    Sperrys: 2 years of wear
    Bass Pro Cap: 2 months of wear

  3. I started a new youtube channel that features my style and dancing called DancingWithTheStyles. Like and subscribe and support a bro.


  4. Nudes gettin a patch job. Started wearin nnfs again and this happens.


  5. Nudie GTDDO comin through. 4 months in.


  6. Blow outs on blow outs.. gotta get a patch work done asap



  7. MTL

    It’s here finally, summer, the long awaited season. Jason and I recently finished our exams. As a celebratory event we decided to meet once again in Montreal. This time, a good mutual friend of ours, Jon, came along.

    We took our friend to Tate + Yoko, where his raw denim virginity was taken by a pair of Naked and Famous Left-hand Twill Weird guys. I took my LHTs to Tate + Yoko as well to get it hemmed and signed by Brandon Svarc, the owner and creator of Naked and Famous.

    All kinds of fade gainz were achieved this weekend due to longboarding through China town and Old Port, and biking throughout Montreal with our rented Bixis. 

    After multiple Montreal meat sandwiches, all you can eat sushi, dim sum, couple of beers on Mont Royal, and loads of McDonalds $1 smoothies, I think we can say we had a pretty chill weekend in Montreal.

    As I always say, come visit Montreal, Canada, you will not regret it. Gotta catch my bus back to Toronto now. Till next time,

    Keep it Raw. Stay Naked and Nude.

  8. Featured by Tate + Yoko on Instagram

  9. Lookin over Montreal, on top of Mont Royal.

  10. Back again, Naked and Nude, en route to Tate and Yoko

  11. Sun’s out, jawn’s out

  12. Naked and Famous Left Hand Twill


  13. Fade February at Dutil Toronto

  14. Fade February at Dutil Toronto


  15. Fade February ‘13

    Over this reading week, on Feb 23rd, I had the pleasure of being part of the Fade February Raw Denim Contest hosted by Dutil in downtown Toronto.

    We went together last year but this year, I had to fly solo without Jason due to different reading weeks. It was great seeing fellow denim enthusiasts sharing their passion for raw denim. The atmosphere is incredibly chill with everyone happy to be there to share their interest in denim.

    I actually entered the contest just for fun, what’s there to lose right? but some of the pairs that were entered were absolutely disgusting (good). My pair was immature compared to some of the other pairs. Absolutely incredible. Shoutout to Bernard, a fellow denimhead and a SUFU veteran. I met him at the event and his PBJs were incredible with more than 2 years of wear, very chill dude with great insight on denim.

    All in all, it was a great event and a great experience for me. Raw denim, incredible fades, and FREE BEER, what more can you want?

    I have officially retired my 15month old N&F BTSG (though they might be immature) to get started on my Nudie GTDDO. Stay posted for updates!

    Till then, Keep it raw. Stay Naked and Nude.